Where to Buy Model Cranes Online, Anytime

Where to Buy Model Cranes Online, Anytime

The Magic look of Model Cranes

What’s amazing about model cranes is the look and feel of the machinery.

It really is the real thing in a miniature form. There’s something special to see about something in perfect scale – especially in 1:50 scale crane models.

Many people have been struck by the movement of a crane in action. There is something almost majestic about what it can do. From lifting a heavy load and swinging or turning to manoeuvre in often tight spaces or tricky terrain, there’s nothing quite like it. A crane is able to shift and lift just about anything, in almost any location.

Just seeing this feat of engineering has led many to become crane enthusiasts themselves.

It’s little wonder that model cranes have a huge following right across the world.

The ongoing popularity is proof that model cranes are not just for crane buffs in Australia, it goes beyond borders and into every corner of the globe.

There’s a whole load of reasons why.

The Extra Appeal of a Model Crane

Model cranes are more than just eye-catching. They’re a testament to great design.

They can be displayed in transport mode or full working configuration with boom raised and extended with stabiliser legs out.

The choice is yours and the looks are impressive.

Many enthusiasts take photos of their model cranes and discuss and share them online. You can even create working videos and upload them to YouTube or create a worksite of your very own – all to scale.

It’s an industry that’s been around for years and will continue to grow into the future.

It’s all about the little details

With real life details and custom-made parts that will last a lifetime, the model cranes that we sell are some of the best.

You could have one of our 1:50 scale crane models today when you buy model cranes online from Jays Models.

The variety is truly inspiring.

The 1:50 scale crane models include the biggest names in the business;

  • Liebherr
  • Mammoet
  • Manitowoc
  • Demag
  • Terex
  • Tadano
  • Kato
  • Grove and Link Belt too.

These are quality model cranes that will stand the test of time.

It’s only top-range mobile model cranes like these that are highly detailed and come with an abundance of moving parts.

There are Cabs that can rotate 360 Degrees, extendable boom sections and more.

You have the choice of All-Terrain, Rough Terrain, Crawler, Harbour Cranes and quality accessories to match.

And if you’re talking about the best brands, you don’t get better than:
WSI, Conrad, NZG, Towsleys, TWH, Weiss Bros and IMC Models.

Don’t be left hanging

When it comes to the back-up of top-quality parts and accessories, you want to be sure you have the best of the best for your choice in model cranes from Jays Models.

We stock specially selected Upgraded Metal Cylinders for a huge range of Cranes
by YCC Models in the 1:50 scale.

Cylinders features a grub screw and Allen Key so you have the ability to lock off the cylinder at the position you desire. It’s all in your hands!

Finding something for your model crane shouldn’t be complicated.

We work hard to make it simple and easy to buy model cranes online.

The Jays Models service is second to none and our range is comprehensive.

Whether it’s a Liebherr Cylinder Set, a Tadano Faun ATF 100-5 or HK70, even a Demag replacement set you’re after – you can rest assured you’re getting the best from the best in the business.


When it comes to the best in model cranes, we bend over backwards to get you exactly what you’re looking for.

It’s not just model cranes that we’re known for. We also have a great range of Earthmoving, Mining, Cars and Trucks for you to see or buy online 24/7.

With our special search function, real time stock status and the safety of SSL secure payments, we ensure your online model shopping is the ultimate in user-friendly.

We deliver above and beyond expectations. That’s why we ship anywhere – that’s WORLDWIDE.

Let us know how we can help by contacting us HERE or call 03 9543 1964.

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