Top Tips for Collecting Diecast Model Cars

Top Tips for Collecting Diecast Model Cars

Diecast Model Cars – the drive to find the best

It’s a wonderful time to start looking for diecast model cars for sale and getting your collection started or boosting what you have.

The popularity of diecast model cars Australia wide is continuing to flourish.


Diecast model cars are available in a range of choices.

It’s important to know that some diecast model cars are made specifically geared to collectors. You can choose from street cars, race cars, even muscle cars and Hot Rods.

If you’re new to collecting, the choices of diecast model cars for sale can be overwhelming.

What style? What era? Which models will increase in value? How do I look after them?

Here are some handy tips for both beginners and seasoned collectors.

  1. Looking after your diecast model cars

It’s a common mistake for new collectors make (and, sadly often experienced collectors too) is not maintaining their diecast models. Some don’t even realize that maintenance is necessary at all.

All diecast model cars - those who have been opened or still in their original packaging - should be kept at room temperature in a dry environment. They also need to be dusted regularly.

  1. Proper Storage

Most collectors choose to store their diecast model cars in display cases. A proper display case will prevent the need to constantly dust your model car. A single wax coating can last a lifetime if stored correctly. An entire diecast model car collection can be stored in a large display case. The weekly upkeep can be kept to a simple wipe down of the case.

  1. Should you open your packaging?

As a diecast model car collector, you are presented with a range of choices. When it comes to packaging, those cars that still come in their original packaging have more value and won’t just hold their value but will appreciate over time. Buying duplicates of your car gives you the option of opening one to use and for safe-keeping.

  1. Get in Quick

Diecast model car manufacturers usually release them in runs. These releases are for a set period with the numbers in that production decreasing over time. With more model cars available at the start of the run, the cost is at its cheapest. The price will go up as the models disappear from the shelves. When the run is over, that particular model car will become a vintage. By buying your favourite model car as soon as possible, you will avoid paying top dollar.


If you’re new to model car collecting, it’s a good idea to start small. You can build a collection with models on the lower end of the size scale and therefore the price scale.

A broad range of searches for diecast model cars online will give you an idea of what is available and the general costs of what you can afford.


People often get trapped looking at limited options when it comes to diecast model cars for sale. Finding a seller who has everything from local, international to a selection of imported cars isn’t easy. If they also offer special movie cars, famous Hot Wheels and car accessories, then you know you’re onto a winner.

Diecast Model Car Heaven

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